You're Safe Here

Healing Journey

Welcome Home

I'm so excited you've landed in this space with me. I believe you are here for a reason and your inner voice knew exactly where to guide you.


There's a part of us that knows when we've had enough of pain, confusion, embarrassment, lack of trust in ourselves and allowing others to control us. That a deep part of us wants to break free from all of it!


The purpose of my work, Healing with Cristy, is to dive deep into the original wounds and resentments that have caused negative narratives and deep innate core beliefs about your worth. 


I integrate deep healing methods to feel heard, to bring trauma from the subconscious to the conscious mind, to heal from toxic relationships and work through childhood resentments that have caused you to belief you are not good enough or worthy to live your full purpose and be loved . This is a space to unload your emotional weight, identify core rooted resentments that have been unsaid for years, return to your sense of worth and be free from self harm thoughts and addictions.


I am here for you, I am listening, you are not alone.


Let's talk,