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Codependency: How to Stop Attaching Your Worth To Others

Have you ever waited for someone’s laugh, smile, or approval after you said something? After you were being yourself?

Did you feel ashamed or embarrassed, like there was something wrong with you when they didn’t laugh or love what you had to say?

I know, I hate it too...

Codependency is when we are dependent on someone's approval to feel valuable. It’s when we put our value on the external and attach what we think of ourselves to the approval of someone else.

It's so easy for it to control our sanity, causing anxiety or low self-esteem.

You might be wondering if there's a solution out of this insanity, where our mind can get a break from this mental obsession. I'm here to tell you that there is, I KNOW THANK GOD!

Here is where the power of Detachment comes in.

What is Detachment?

Detachment is the process of rewiring from being externally focused to determining your value by looking within.

It is when we separate and literally detach ourselves and self-image from those around us.

Most of us are externally focused and stimulated, figuring out who we are and our value based on the outside acceptance. What we say and do is determined by how others react to it.

The process of detachment starts by looking within and asking yourself the following questions:

What are some characteristics you find important? What are you good at? What are values you look up to?

These questions start bringing you closer to yourself to determine who you really are, away from other's opinion of you. By doing this you start understanding how you view yourself and everything around you.

What is your natural way of being without the fear of someone’s disapproval?

You can start by writing 10 qualities you like about yourself.

What are you passionate about? What do you value?

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