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Taking Care of Our Inner Child

"Please play with me," I can still hear my inner child, little Cristina, asking for someone to play with her. I can still feel her getting sad if someone ignored her, leaving her to play by herself. I can still feel the core belief of "I am not enough."

I look at this picture and see the innocence, before the belief "I am not enough" creeped into my chest, engraved into my existence.


Who is our Inner Child?

There is a little girl or boy inside all of us, wanting to be heard.

In the beginning of our childhood, we felt free, fearless, allowing our imagination to run free. We played with our favorite toys and even had full conversations with them. Talked to ourselves while singing, allowed our thoughts to run free, were excited to share our thoughts with our parents and strangers, played while running around laughing...

But then something, somewhere, changed. We experienced rejection and judgement.

We started hesitating to be ourselves, and the fear of rejection overpowered us, clouding our thoughts.

When we were young, a lot of us experienced someone making us believe our opinion came secondary, that it was not good enough. Was it your dad telling you to shut up so he can keep working, was it your mom telling you to stop playing, was it your brother telling you your imagination was stupid?

Who told you you were not good enough?


This is where Inner Child healing comes in, when we start listening, freely without judgement, to the little boy/girl share what he/she thinks.

In this space, all our childhood resentments are safe to come up, unafraid of rejection. We start allowing our inner child to come out and play, tapping back into our innocence, where the imagination lives free.

Once we start listening to our inner child, we start experiencing liberation, the freedom to be who we TRULY are. We start being our own parent, reminding ourselves we are good enough, that what we have to say matters. Rewiring the belief system from not good enough to knowing there is nothing lacking within you. We start being less afraid of feeling, of showing others our real personality.

Now I ask you, what does you inner child want to say?

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