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Morning Routine: How To Have A Great Day

How many times have we heard "you should start changing your morning habits," but got annoyed, and pushed it aside?

Thoughts like "What is it with all these people and their morning meditations?" I don't feel like it today, maybe tomorrow," and my favorite, "I'm NOT a morning person."

There was something about feeling groggy in the mornings and getting used to it, even finding comfort in it. Once we get used to a habit, it can be hard to change it.

Change can be intimidating, even terrifying. Getting used to how we do things can feel like the best option in our life. For this reason, change can start small, with a simple morning routine.

Why is changing your morning routine so impactful?

Our minds are the most receptive to new information during the mornings. As we start each day fresh, we get to choose the mindset we want to continue our day in. This same feeling and mindset are what we will carry for the rest of the day.

If we start by taking our phone and looking through Instagram, that's the energy we'll carry for the rest of the day. We might start feeling overwhelmed after comparing our lives to others or even exhausted from all the time spent looking through pictures and messages.

So the question is, how do we start?

I am a firm believer that baby steps take you the furthest. Here are small changes you can implement in the morning to help you start:

1 ) Silence: open your eyes and sit with yourself. What comes up?

Your voice is the loudest as soon as you wake up. You might start by feeling ashamed about the night before, thinking about what needs change, or even what you want to attract into your life. Sit with it and allow your inner voice to speak to you.

2) Write in your journal: buy a journal with a cover you love.

Sometimes we don't take time to flush our thoughts out. They stay in our heads, making us go insane. When this happens, it's easy to feel like we're in a fog and alone. Through journaling, you're able to download all the insanity and release the anxiety. After doing this, it becomes easier to listen to the voice underneath, your inner intuitive voice. This voice will guide you to the life you want for yourself. What is it saying?

3) Light a white candle: set an intention for the day. What do you want to attract into your life?

Words can dictate our entire life. They have the power to create our reality based on what we tell ourselves and others. Everything starts with a thought, an idea, and slowly becomes our belief and reality.

Set a space in your home where you can sit, say your intention, and light your candle. What you want to focus on for the day? Do you want more balance, patience toward others, or even the willingness to listen with compassion? Sit with it and allow your inner voice to speak up.

4) Buy a daily meditation book: replacing your old thinking with a new one.

Growing up, parents, friends, and teachers influence our lives. They teach us how to behave, what to believe in, and ultimately, how to live our lives. The problem is that most of us wanted something different but felt afraid to say it.

Educating ourselves based on what we want for our lives is the key to our liberation. Daily meditation books encourage us to develop a healthy relationship with our emotions, dreams, way of thinking, and others.

A book I highly recommend is by Melody Beatty called " The Language of Letting Go." She teaches us about emotional intelligence, and how to create a healthy relationship with ourselves and others by honoring our truth.

5) Got out for a run: Move your body and get your endorphins going!

Sometimes we underestimate the power of moving our body and getting our engine going. When doing any type of exercise, your body releases a chemical called endorphin. Endorphins naturally trigger a positive feeling in your body and brain, similar to morphine!

So don't hesitate! Set your running clothes out the night before, get up once your alarm goes off, change and go out for a run! This is the best way to accelerate a positive day.

Mornings can become your favorite time of day. From my own experience, it has become the time where I find my peace of mind. I've experienced a change in how I view my worth and learned to create a healthier relationship with those around me!

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