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Morning Routine: How To Have A Great Day

How many times have we heard "you should start changing your morning habits," but got annoyed, and pushed it aside?

Thoughts like "What is it with all these people and their morning meditations?" I don't feel like it today, maybe tomorrow," and my favorite, "I'm NOT a morning person."

There was something about feeling groggy in the mornings and getting used to it, even finding comfort in it. Once we get used to a habit, it can be hard to change it.

Change can be intimidating, even terrifying. Getting used to how we do things can feel like the best option in our life. For this reason, change can start small, with a simple morning routine.

Why is changing your morning routine so impactful?

Our minds are the most receptive to new information during the mornings. As we start each day fresh, we get to choose the mindset we want to continue our day in. This same feeling and mindset are what we will carry for the rest of the day.

If we start by taking our phone and looking through Instagram, that's the energy we'll carry for the rest of the day. We might start feeling overwhelmed after comparing our lives to others or even exhausted from all the time spent looking through pictures and messages.

So the question is, how do we start?

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